Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back soon ...

Looks like that people have been finding the posts here useful as there has been steady traffic. I plan to be back soon with more penny earning pennies ideas.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

To my regular readers ...

...., I am currently awfully busy with work. I hope to be back soon with an idea I am working to utilize credit cards to generate few more pennies (or make my money work bit more).

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

RBS again for fixed deposits : More pennies for me

While I work out the method to use credit card to my advantage in my quest for more pennies, here is a quick update. My fixed deposits in RBS has yielded Rs. 32. For me that is another increase in my workforce. So if I am looking for a short term fixed deposit of about 15 days, RBS is where I would park my money. They still give an interest rate of 5.85% on fixed deposits of 15 days which is 1.85% higher than what I would earn of  plain savings bank interest.


Total Earned : Rs. 586.00

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Credit cards are my friends

General opinion about credit cards is that they are instruments devised by financial institutions to make one spend more than they can afford or earn. These institutions then earn money by charging fines and interests from defaulters. In my case I understand it too well. So I never spend more than I earn. So they are my friends as they offer the convenience of internet shopping and not having to carry around the cash. But this is fairly obvious. What is not obvious that suddenly there is theoretical possibility of using them to earn few more pennies. I am working that out at the moment. I will return soon with my plan and later we will see if that succeeds.

Total Earned : Rs 554.00

Monday, 7 January 2013

I do not work harder, I make money work harder

I was cribbing in my last blogpost if I could have financed my vacation from earning made by  my money instead of my salary. Why ? Does not it amount to same thing ? After all the money is going from total pool of money I have. Well it is not the case. When I spend money from my salary, I have got less money left which can work for me. But when I spend the money earned by my money (and not by me), I still have got my money with me which I have earned and I can use it further make more money for me. So my objective always is to make more money from money and use that money to spend on expenditures such vacation. The bottomline in all this is that I make my money work (and I do not work any harder to make more money). And the money earned from making my money work is spent.
Ofocurse it might take me a long time before my money has worked to generate enough money to finance my vacation. But I am sure that day will come.

Total Earned : Rs 554.00

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

On vacation

I am currently on vacation and will be back around 7th January 2013 with regular posts. There is a special note regarding the vacation. This vacation is currently financed from my salary and that of course reduced my workforce. One day this will be all paid by my earnings by making my money work. So that will not eat into my loyal workforce.

Total Earned : Rs. 554.00

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Who wants to be CEO of Google, Microsoft ?

At least not me. The way I see it, I am the CEO of my own little enterprise. It has got me and my lovely little workers. And the workers are.. you guessed it..the money. There is nobody else. They are quite special workers and very unlike the workers in our world. They work for me but they do not ask for any pay. They can work 24x7 all throughout the year but never demand a holiday let alone weekend breaks. There are no employee unrest,  no labour unions. Nothing whatsoever ! . I bet CEOs of all the corporations like Google, Microsoft, Oracle etc. love to have workers like these.
But I do have some responsibilities. First to see that they are always working. Second to ensure that there are minimum attrition (read spending). At present my work force consist of temporary workers (the money I am going to spend) and permanent workers (the money I will keep investing). My permanent workforce has increased to 554. But I am always at look out to employ more (by saving) and increase it consistently (by investing it wisely).
Man I love being the CEO.

Total Earned : Rs. 554